Parish Trustees and Auditors

Each parish in the Diocese of Providence is a canonical juidic person. Within the State of Rhode Island, Catholic parishes, school, hospitals, and other juridic persons are also civilly incorporated. The members of the St. Margaret Parish Corporation are:

President – The Most Reverend Richard G. Henning, D.D., S.T.D.
Vice President – The Reverend Monsignor Albert A. Kenney, V.G., S.T.L.
Treasurer – The Reverend Jeremy J. Rodrigues, S.T.L.

Lay Trustee – Mr. John C. Lynch
Lay Trustee – Mrs. Maddie Josephs

Auditor – Mr. Karl Sherry

The Parish Finance Council

In keeping with the revised Code of Canon Law (1983), Canon 537, every parish is to have a Finance Council to assist and to advise the pastor in the financial adminstration of the parish. The pastor has the ultimate responsibility to make the final decisions covering the handling of temporalities. The pastor is subject to the norms set down by the Diocesan Bishop, presently, the Most Reverend Thomas J. Tobin. The Finance Council’s responsibilities are fulfilled only if the pastor seeks its assistance and gives serious consdieration to its advice in making decisions regarding temporalities.

The Finance Council Members are:

Rev. Jeremy Rodrigues, Pastor
Margaret Burgess
John Costigan
Arthur DeBlois, III
Joseph DiMuccio
John Josephs
Michael Kirwan
Pat Pita
Christine Rogers

Maddie Josephs, Parish Trustee
John C. Lynch, Parish Trustee
Barbara DiLibero, Parish Bookeeper