Congratulations on your engagement and decision to enter into Catholic marriage! St. Margaret Parish will help you in your preparation to ensure that you make this serious and sacred step in your life a holy and happy one.

Spiritual preparation is a key part of this special time. Frequent participation in the sacraments during this time is important, particularly weekly Mass attendance. It is also strongly recommended that you bring yourselves to the Sacrament of Reconciliation during this time of preparation. The engagement period can be particularly stressful at times, and the graces bestowed on you through Reconciliation and weekly Mass will be a great source of strength to help keep you focused and at peace. This spiritual direction will foster great growth and maturity for both partners.

The bride and/or groom must be registered members of our parish. A bride or groom who has moved away but whose family remains registered and supportive of the parish will be given due consideration. Outside weddings are most rarely permitte. Active membeship in the parish is an expectation for all engaged couples intending to wed at St. Margaret’s.

How do I get started?

The day and time of the wedding must be arranged in person by the prospective bride and groom themselves as soon as they feel called to marry. No arrangement can be made by phone or parents. All arrangements should be made 9-12 months prior to the wedding date and done prior to scheduling the reception.

This first meeting with the Pastor may be scheduled by calling Father Rodrigues at (401) 438-3230.

Please bring with you the following:

  1. For baptized Christians, a recent copy (6 months or less) of baptismal certificate.

  2. For unbaptized, a copy of birth certificate.

Sacramental certificates may be obtained by calling the church where they took place. If the church has been closed, call a nearby parish or the chancery of the diocese to see where the records are kept. All other steps will be presented during your appointment with the pastor.

All couples should participate in the Marriage Preparation and Enrichment program offered by the Diocese of Providence.


CEE’s national website at

We can review the suggested readings from the Lectionary and begin to pray about the ones you would like read at the wedding.

Suggested Wedding Readings